Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Rothschilds and National Socialism


Written by Green Arrow

Been a very busy and illuminating time for me over the past five or six days - and I must confess that by the time I had considered myself well enough informed to write about what follows, my ageing brain was almost overloaded with the amount of information I had to upload into it before processing it.

As is usual, the title of the article gives you a clue towards the contents of the article and I am sure that it is going to have some of you "fluffy nationalists" foaming at the mouth like Weyman Bennett speaking at a David Cameron endorsed UAF meeting.

Now I have heard the analogy, that the True British people are not yet ready for the truth and that we must spoon-feed them like babies.  Feed them with little mouthfuls of truth like tiny infants until they can move onto "real" food at some unspecified date in the way distant future.  Now this is a philosophy that I once subscribed to.  I was wrong - I am often wrong but I learn in the end and usually the hard way - which is sometimes the best way to learn.

All we have done by NOT telling the WHOLE truth and feeding the public baby food instead of good British Beef packed full of truth, is turn out a generation of wimps, girlie boys, perverts, cowards and appeasers, like those found in the Zionist puppet British Freedom Party, whose homosexual division (seriously) have wet themselves with excitement over the fact that some shite Asian Magazine for the colonisers of Our Country, have said that the BFP and their pro Israeli English Defence League (name derived from the Jewish Defence League) have said they are not racists.  Well they damn well should be - but licking arse (or should I use the more publicly palatable word "Rimming") is what the British Freedom Party are all about, so we should not be surprised.

Now I know that this site is read by many who already know the truth but regrettably instead of writing about it and sending in articles to reach a bigger audience, they are happy just to have the occasional comment published.  That must stop.  Write those bloody articles and send them in.
Meanwhile, I shall now attempt to force feed those of you who have been sucking up the brain numbing pap that others want to feed you to keep you weak, a good portion of Truth that will, if your stomachs are strong enough to digest, make you much much stronger.

Now then, a quick reminder of just who the Rothschilds are and how they started off on their quest to own the world with the connivance of other Jews and corrupt goyim/cattle and to enslave the non-Jews who live on its surface.  I shall, of course be accused of being anti-Semitic for publishing this but so be it.  Truth is, by the end of the article, I will be probably be accused of being a Nazi and I do not have a problem with that either.

The founder of the House of Rothschild was Mayer Anselm Bauer, a money lender who traded under the sign of a red shield (Rothschild), in Jew Street, Frankfurt. Using money embezzled from William of Hesse, Mayer set up branches of the House of Rothschild in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Naples and London.

Bauer, now with his name changed to, Rothschild placed a son in charge of each of the overseas branches. Amschel  in Berlin, Salomon in Vienna, Jacob in Paris, Kalmann in Naples, whilst Nathan set up the headquarters of the House of Rothschild in London, where it remains today.
The Rothschilds were now superbly placed to take their first steps in stealing the wealth of the world.  They knew that the best and most secure way of making money was to lend it to governments - especially to governments who were at war, who would agree to any terms the bankers demanded so long as they had the money to fight their wars.

Napoleon's early rise was secretly funded by the Rothschilds who wanted a war that would enrich them beyond a normal persons dreams and when Napoleon discovered the painful truth about who controlled him and why: “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild. Napoleon threw of their shackles and that sealed his fate, the destruction of his Grande Armee and his future murder by Rothschild agents, who used arsenic to poison him whilst he was imprisoned on the island of Saint Helena.
When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” – Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France, 1815
Now if you do your own research, you will discover that as well as the Napoleonic Wars, the Rothschilds Dynasty have encouraged, incited and funded wars that could NEVER have taken place without them and the magic money (fractional banking) created out of NOTHING.
The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is, perhaps, the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banks can in fact inflate, mint and un-mint the modern ledger-entry currency.Major L L B Angus.
Money used to start wars in which untold millions of white people have died just to enrich Jewish Bankers as individuals and advance World Jewry's quest to rule the world by owning all of it whilst destroying Nations and political parties that speak out against their evil plan and encouraging and funding political parties that misguidedly or knowingly support the Zionist cause.
  • The rise of Napoleon I as the chosen Rothschild agent for toppling of the Monarchs of Europe;
  • The fall of the Romanov Dynasty and the destruction of Christian Russia at the hands of the Bolshevik Communists;
  • The Anglo-Boer War of genocide, a most important war at the turn of the 19th century that was swept under the carpet.
  • The Great War 1914-1918
  • The 2nd World War 193(2)9 - 1945.  World Jews declare war on Germany
  • The War against the Palestinian People
  • The illegal War against Serbia
  • The illegal War against Afghanistan
  • The illegal War against Iraq
  • The illegal War against Lybia
  • The coming illegal Wars against Syria and Iran.
Now it is estimated that the Rothschilds own over 60% of the worlds wealth.  During the chaos of wars and depression they ALWAYS convert their worthless paper money into tangible assets such as gold, islands, land and property, and in the past were proud to boast of their achievements, but a few decades ago they realised that even the most stupid of cattle were beginning to be aware of their machinations - they have become far more secretive and few people realise that most major companies such as Sun Alliance are owned by them and that their wealth is now greater than that of many large nations.

Regular readers and trackers of Zionism already know that 96% of the World Media, including Hollywood is controlled by Jews and has been for decades although they are constantly trying to deny this through their lick-spittle agents of the Jewish run Anti-Defamation League.
As a break from reading hundreds of links on the Rothschilds, I took time out to watch some old black and white movies that are now out of copyright and therefore free to download and so I am going to ask that you take the time out to watch them after you have finished reading this article or later when you have time.

 The first film is The House of Rothschild that was produced and directed by Jews and released in 1934.  Remember that World Jewry had declared war on Germany in 1933 but were agitating for it even before Hitler came to power.  The film then was intended to show the Rothschilds in a positive light and to gain sympathy for them, whilst subliminally sending out a message that to speak out against them was anti-Semitic.

I actually enjoyed watching the film as it was very well made for its time.  There was the scene in the beginning where the Rothschilds hide their wealth from the tax collector (who turns out to be corrupt), the truth exposed when the father lectures his five sons on the power of money and their duty to Jews the world over and then the laughable bit, where during the Napoleonic wars, the Rothschilds alone keep the London Stock exchange going by buying up everything in site as the market collapses.  This of course is the complete opposite of what Nathan Rothschild actually did.

At the end of the film, the Rothschilds are successful, shown to be the saviours of Europe, get the law changed so that Nathan may be made a Baron and finally accepted in the non-Jewish World as an equal.  Quite sickening really, as there is no mention of the fortune they had made by financing the war that would have put them out of business had Wellington (their personal friend) been defeated at Waterloo - but still a film you must watch if you have any real interest in who rules the world.  You can either watch or download the film here or go get it on youtube here.

So then, where are we now?  Well the white world now, is where Germany was prior to 1933.  Firmly under the control of the worlds Zionist Bankers who seek to destroy nation states in order to control them.

In 1933 Germany, with the rise of Hitler, the German people were reclaiming control of their country and financial systems and doing it rather successfully with National Socialist policies and so National Socialism and the home of it, Germany, had to be destroyed and punished by the Zionists and there in lies the problem we now face as Nationalists.

Our nation is a shambles, the Jews having brought us to the brink of bankruptcy with our young soldiers dying in illegal foreign wars demanded by the Jews who rule us as part of the Rothschild Empire.

Before I continue with the above theme, it is now time for us to go watch our second black and white movie. This time it is one that is often pointed at by Jews to show how anti-Semitc opposition to their plans to world domination is and to denigrate the words National Socialism - the only political philosophy that is able to halt and reverse the Zionist plans for the demise of the white race they hate.

 The film is of course The Eternal Jew that was released in Germany in 1940 and even the Jews have had to admit that it has been one of the most successful "propaganda" films that reveals the truth about Zionism ever released.

So what did I make of it?  Well first off, I recommend you download it here so you can watch it full screen.  This version has an English voice over translation which should make it easier for you to watch.  My version was subtitled but still very engrossing.

The first part about the Jews in Poland and the comparisons to rats in the beginning, I think was unnecessary but then again we are watching the film 72 years after it was made but this is why you simply must watch this film.

Because what you see happening in 1930's Germany with the control over the economy of the Jewish Bankers, their pollution of German culture, film making, publishing, press, radio, education and politics is everything that is happening NOW in Our Country.  Just think about the artistic abominations, the filth on the TV, the lionization of perverts and paedophiles that we True Brits are subjected to.

The final part of the film, which you should only watch if you have a strong stomach, is why National Socialists are opposed to the method in which both Jews and Moslems slaughter their animals for meat products and has nothing to do with them being Jews or Moslems - it is their sick religions that say this is the way animals must die.  It is just plain cruel and barbaric.
If anyone who watches this film ever buys anything they even suspect of being killed in this way or  buys food from their fast shite shops, then I say a pox on them and their first born.
Now I am sure that what I write next, is going to dismay some of you but it must be said.

The reasons that you see constant references to National Socialist policies being those of the "Nazis", is to link those policies - which would destroy the Jewish fraudulent Banking system in an heart beat and take back into public ownership the assets the traitors infesting our governments have sold off to their Jewish controllers - to the greatest fraud the world as even seen.  The Holohoax.
And why is the Holohoax so important to the Zionists?  Well just go watch this video here.  This former Jewish Minister explains it much better than I could and as a Jewess will be far more credible than I, when she says; "It's a trick, we always use it".

Now then, we know that National Socialism is the only cure for those destroying nations and the peace of the world but for it to become accepted we must stop concealing the truth for fear of upsetting the ignorant sheep people and tell the truth no matter what.  The more people who say National Socialism is the only way forward, the sooner the truth will be out there.
Our enemies count on us denying that we are National Socialists for fear of being tarred as Nazi's.
 I say, let them call us what they will, you expect your enemies to slander you.

As Joseph Goebbels said just before the end in 1945.  "There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.

Be proud to be a National Socialist - I am.