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Fort Worth Elementary Teacher Accused of Assaulting Elderly Couple in Arlington Mall

Brenda Jones Stafford, a fifth-grade teacher at A.M. Pate Elementary School, is accused of choking and pushing a 71-year-old woman in an argument over a chair in The Parks mall’s food court, then shoving, hitting and choking the woman’s 73-year-old husband when he tried to intervene.

Barbara Griffith, a Fort Worth school district spokeswoman, confirmed Wednesday that the incident occurred while the teacher was accompanying A.M. Pate students on a field trip. She said Stafford was placed on administrative leave Monday pending the outcome of the investigation.

Bette Davis Morgan and her husband, Carlton, were drinking coffee and chatting in the food court when Stafford, while apparently gathering chairs for her group, pushed a chair on which Bette Morgan was resting her leg, commenting “Listen, lady, I don’t need your chair with your leg on it,” according to Morgan.

Morgan said she removed her leg from the chair and continued her conversation with her husband.

But she said Stafford deliberately shoved the chair against their table, striking Morgan’s knee. Morgan said she told the woman not to shove the chair because it was hitting her knee under the table.

She said Stafford deliberately did it again twice.

“Every time she came by, she’d shove that chair under the table toward my knee, hard,” said Morgan, who said she had injured the same knee in a wreck while in her teens.

After the third time, Morgan said, she got up and confronted Stafford.

“She made some kind of snotty remark to me, saying, ‘Don’t you tell me what to do, woman,’” Morgan said. “Then she got up in my face and started shaking her finger in my face and started blowing in my face.”

Morgan blew back into the woman’s face, she said, and the woman spat on her.

Morgan said that she spat to the side of Stafford and that the woman lunged at her, choked her and pushed her down.

Morgan said her husband was trying to intervene when Stafford shoved him down and began hitting and choking him.

“That’s when her people started yelling at her to get off of him, that she was acting like a madwoman, and pulled her off my husband,” Morgan said.

Tiara Richard, an Arlington police spokeswoman, said that officers arrested Stafford in another area of the mall and that neither of the Morgans required medical treatment.

Morgan said Wednesday that bruises have surfaced on her body and that she plans to see a doctor Friday to be checked out.

Tarrant County court records show that in 1995 Stafford was previously charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and assault with bodily injury, stemming from allegations that she threatened injury to a woman while using or exhibiting a firearm. Prosecutors later dismissed both charges.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paul Craig Roberts On US Government Internet Hypocrisy

Paul Craig Roberts On US Government Internet Hypocrisy

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US Army Uses Psy-Ops On US Elected Officials

I have a different take on this.  I can't think of any Senators who need less convincing on war spending/protecting kikestan than John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Al Franken and Carl Levin. 

I think it's certainly convenient for them now to have a victim card to throw out whenever it's expedient for them.  For example, say McCain speaks to a pro war crowd, he can boast about how much money he has voted to throw at these wars, and if he speaks to an anti war crowd he can say "gee, as you know I was misled by certain key figures in our military as to the situation blah blah blah" and it's an easy out for all of them.


The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in "psychological operations" to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war, Rolling Stone has learned – and when an officer tried to stop the operation, he was railroaded by military investigators.

The orders came from the command of Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, a three-star general in charge of training Afghan troops – the linchpin of U.S. strategy in the war. Over a four-month period last year, a military cell devoted to what is known as "information operations" at Camp Eggers in Kabul was repeatedly pressured to target visiting senators and other VIPs who met with Caldwell. When the unit resisted the order, arguing that it violated U.S. laws prohibiting the use of propaganda against American citizens, it was subjected to a campaign of retaliation.

"My job in psy-ops is to play with people’s heads, to get the enemy to behave the way we want them to behave," says Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes, the leader of the IO unit, who received an official reprimand after bucking orders. "I’m prohibited from doing that to our own people. When you ask me to try to use these skills on senators and congressman, you’re crossing a line."

The list of targeted visitors was long, according to interviews with members of the IO team and internal documents obtained by Rolling Stone. Those singled out in the campaign included senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Jack Reed, Al Franken and Carl Levin; Rep. Steve Israel of the House Appropriations Committee; Adm. Mike Mullen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Czech ambassador to Afghanistan; the German interior minister, and a host of influential think-tank analysts.

The incident offers an indication of just how desperate the U.S. command in Afghanistan is to spin American civilian leaders into supporting an increasingly unpopular war. According to the Defense Department’s own definition, psy-ops – the use of propaganda and psychological tactics to influence emotions and behaviors – are supposed to be used exclusively on "hostile foreign groups." Federal law forbids the military from practicing psy-ops on Americans, and each defense authorization bill comes with a "propaganda rider" that also prohibits such manipulation. "Everyone in the psy-ops, intel, and IO community knows you’re not supposed to target Americans," says a veteran member of another psy-ops team who has run operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. "It’s what you learn on day one."

When Holmes and his four-man team arrived in Afghanistan in November 2009, their mission was to assess the effects of U.S. propaganda on the Taliban and the local Afghan population. But the following month, Holmes began receiving orders from Caldwell’s staff to direct his expertise on a new target: visiting Americans. At first, the orders were administered verbally. According to Holmes, who attended at least a dozen meetings with Caldwell to discuss the operation, the general wanted the IO unit to do the kind of seemingly innocuous work usually delegated to the two dozen members of his public affairs staff: compiling detailed profiles of the VIPs, including their voting records, their likes and dislikes, and their "hot-button issues." In one email to Holmes, Caldwell’s staff also wanted to know how to shape the general’s presentations to the visiting dignitaries, and how best to "refine our messaging."

Congressional delegations – known in military jargon as CODELs – are no strangers to spin. U.S. lawmakers routinely take trips to the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they receive carefully orchestrated briefings and visit local markets before posing for souvenir photos in helmets and flak jackets. Informally, the trips are a way for generals to lobby congressmen and provide first-hand updates on the war. But what Caldwell was looking for was more than the usual background briefings on senators. According to Holmes, the general wanted the IO team to provide a "deeper analysis of pressure points we could use to leverage the delegation for more funds." The general’s chief of staff also asked Holmes how Caldwell could secretly manipulate the U.S. lawmakers without their knowledge. "How do we get these guys to give us more people?" he demanded. "What do I have to plant inside their heads?"

According to experts on intelligence policy, asking a psy-ops team to direct its expertise against visiting dignitaries would be like the president asking the CIA to put together background dossiers on congressional opponents. Holmes was even expected to sit in on Caldwell’s meetings with the senators and take notes, without divulging his background. "Putting your propaganda people in a room with senators doesn’t look good," says John Pike, a leading military analyst. "It doesn’t pass the smell test. Any decent propaganda operator would tell you that."

At a minimum, the use of the IO team against U.S. senators was a misue of vital resources designed to combat the enemy; it cost American taxpayers roughly $6 million to deploy Holmes and his team in Afghanistan for a year. But Caldwell seemed more eager to advance his own career than to defeat the Taliban. "We called it Operation Fourth Star," says Holmes. "Caldwell seemed far more focused on the Americans and the funding stream than he was on the Afghans. We were there to teach and train the Afghans. But for the first four months it was all about the U.S. Later he even started talking about targeting the NATO populations." At one point, according to Holmes, Caldwell wanted to break up the IO team and give each general on his staff their own personal spokesperson with psy-ops training.

It wasn’t the first time that Caldwell had tried to tear down the wall that has historically separated public affairs and psy-ops – the distinction the military is supposed to maintain between "informing" and "influencing." After a stint as the top U.S. spokesperson in Iraq, the general pushed aggressively to expand the military’s use of information operations. During his time as a commander at Ft. Leavenworth, Caldwell argued for exploiting new technologies like blogging and Wikipedia – a move that would widen the military’s ability to influence the public, both foreign and domestic. According to sources close to the general, he also tried to rewrite the official doctrine on information operations, though that effort ultimately failed. (In recent months, the Pentagon has quietly dropped the nefarious-sounding moniker "psy-ops" in favor of the more neutral "MISO" – short for Military Information Support Operations.)

Under duress, Holmes and his team provided Caldwell with background assessments on the visiting senators, and helped prep the general for his high-profile encounters. But according to members of his unit, Holmes did his best to resist the orders. Holmes believed that using his team to target American civilians violated the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which was passed by Congress to prevent the State Department from using Soviet-style propaganda techniques on U.S. citizens. But when Holmes brought his concerns to Col. Gregory Breazile, the spokesperson for the Afghan training mission run by Caldwell, the discussion ended in a screaming match. "It’s not illegal if I say it isn’t!" Holmes recalls Breazile shouting.

In March 2010, Breazile issued a written order that "directly tasked" Holmes to conduct an IO campaign against "all DV visits" – short for "distinguished visitor." The team was also instructed to "prepare the context and develop the prep package for each visit." In case the order wasn’t clear enough, Breazile added that the new instructions were to "take priority over all other duties." Instead of fighting the Taliban, Holmes and his team were now responsible for using their training to win the hearts and minds of John McCain and Al Franken.

On March 23rd, Holmes emailed the JAG lawyer who handled information operations, saying that the order made him "nervous." The lawyer, Capt. John Scott, agreed with Holmes. "The short answer is that IO doesn’t do that," Scott replied in an email. "[Public affairs] works on the hearts and minds of our own citizens and IO works on the hearts and minds of the citizens of other nations. While the twain do occasionally intersect, such intersections, like violent contact during a soccer game, should be unintentional."

In another email, Scott advised Holmes to seek his own defense counsel. "Using IO to influence our own folks is a bad idea," the lawyer wrote, "and contrary to IO policy."

In a statement to Rolling Stone, a spokesman for Caldwell "categorically denies the assertion that the command used an Information Operations Cell to influence Distinguished Visitors." But after Scott offered his legal opinion, the order was rewritten to stipulate that the IO unit should only use publicly available records to create profiles of U.S. visitors. Based on the narrower definition of the order, Holmes and his team believed the incident was behind them.

Three weeks after the exchange, however, Holmes learned that he was the subject of an investigation, called an AR 15-6. The investigation had been ordered by Col. Joe Buche, Caldwell’s chief of staff. The 22-page report, obtained by Rolling Stone, reads like something put together by Kenneth Starr. The investigator accuses Holmes of going off base in civilian clothes without permission, improperly using his position to start a private business, consuming alcohol, using Facebook too much, and having an "inappropriate" relationship with one of his subordinates, Maj. Laural Levine. The investigator also noted a joking comment that Holmes made on his Facebook wall, in response to a jibe about Afghan men wanting to hold his hand. "Hey! I’ve been here almost five months now!" Holmes wrote. "Gimmee a break a man has needs you know."

"LTC Holmes’ comments about his sexual needs," the report concluded, "are even more distasteful in light of his status as a married man."

Both Holmes and Levine maintain that there was nothing inappropriate about their relationship, and said they were waiting until after they left Afghanistan to start their own business. They and other members of the team also say that they had been given permission to go off post in civilian clothes. As for Facebook, Caldwell’s command had aggressively encouraged its officers to the use the site as part of a social-networking initiative – and Holmes ranked only 15th among the biggest users.

Nor was Holmes the only one who wrote silly things online. Col. Breazile’s Facebook page, for example, is spotted with similar kinds of nonsense, including multiple references to drinking alcohol, and a photo of a warning inside a Port-o-John mocking Afghans – "In case any of you forgot that you are supposed to sit on the toilet and not stand on it and squat. It’s a safety issue. We don’t want you to fall in or miss your target." Breazile now serves at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he works in the office dedicated to waging a global information war for the Pentagon.

Following the investigation, both Holmes and Levine were formally reprimanded. Holmes, believing that he was being targeted for questioning the legality of waging an IO campaign against U.S. visitors, complained to the Defense Department’s inspector general. Three months later, he was informed that he was not entitled to protection as a whistleblower, because the JAG lawyer he consulted was not "designated to receive such communications."

Levine, who has a spotless record and 19 service awards after 16 years in the military, including a tour of duty in Kuwait and Iraq, fears that she has become "the collateral damage" in the military’s effort to retaliate against Holmes. "It will probably end my career," she says. "My father was an officer, and I believed officers would never act like this. I was devastated. I’ve lost my faith in the military, and I couldn’t in good conscience recommend anyone joining right now."

After being reprimanded, Holmes and his team were essentially ignored for the rest of their tours in Afghanistan. But on June 15th, the entire Afghan training mission received a surprising memo from Col. Buche, Caldwell’s chief of staff. "Effective immediately," the memo read, "the engagement in information operations by personnel assigned to the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan and Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan is strictly prohibited." From now on, the memo added, the "information operation cell" would be referred to as the "Information Engagement cell." The IE’s mission? "This cell will engage in activities for the sole purpose of informing and educating U.S., Afghan and international audiences…." The memo declared, in short, that those who had trained in psy-ops and other forms of propaganda would now officially be working as public relations experts – targeting a worldwide audience.

As for the operation targeting U.S. senators, there is no way to tell what, if any, influence it had on American policy. What is clear is that in January 2011, Caldwell’s command asked the Obama administration for another $2 billion to train an additional 70,000 Afghan troops – an initiative that will already cost U.S. taxpayers more than $11 billion this year. Among the biggest boosters in Washington to give Caldwell the additional money? Sen. Carl Levin, one of the senators whom Holmes had been ordered to target.

The Zeitgeist Movement And Venus Project IS A UN Front

This should have come as no surprise, the zeitgeist movies were basically anti-Christian. Their premise was that the Bible was written in order to enslave and mold people. This is an interesting and compelling video.

Hundreds Of Medical Professionals Arrested For Stealing Millions From Medicaid

(NaturalNews) Representing the largest medical fraud case in history, federal authorities have arrested more than 100 doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and other medical professionals for allegedly swindling hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal Medicare program. The violators, who were busted in nine different U.S. cities, are said to have fraudulently billed Medicare for sometimes millions of dollars for simple procedures, and even for procedures they never even performed.

In Brooklyn, N.Y., for instance, federal agents targeted three physical therapy clinics for scamming at least $50 million from Medicare over the past two years. The clinics were paying phony patients to go along with being falsely diagnosed for conditions they did not have, and come to fake appointments via costly ambulance services.

In Detroit, Mich., a podiatrist was apprehended for billing Medicare roughly $700,000 for a procedure that was the equivalent of a toenail clipping. Another incident in Brooklyn, N.Y., involved a proctologist who billed Medicare $6.5 million for hemorrhoid removals, most of which he allegedly never even performed. And in Miami, Fla., two doctors and a handful of nurses were indicted for bilking $25 million from Medicare for phony prescriptions.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Medicare fraud cost U.S. taxpayers more than $24 billion in 2009 alone. Daniel Levinson, HHS inspector General, told the U.S. Congress recently that more than 1,300 investigations in the past year alone have led to 500 Medicare fraud convictions that totaled more than $3 billion.

"Health care fraud schemes commonly include billing for services that were not provided or were not medically necessary, purposely billing for a higher level of service than what was provided, misreporting costs or other data to increase payments, paying kickbacks, and/or stealing providers' or beneficiaries' identities," Levinson said to Congress.

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The Unions Vs We The People

Great article from C4L


For the past week, much attention has turned to Madison, WI, where Governor Scott Walker is taking on the public sector unions in an all-out battle royale.  The scene has been one of massive protests by the unions, and over a dozen State Senate Democrats actually fled the state to keep the legislature from having a quorum, which is necessary for them to hold a vote.
The Washington Examiner's Tim Carney has an excellent piece showing how "there's no fat-cat owner wanting to pocket more profits here. The unions' target in Wisconsin is the taxpayer."
The ferment in Wisconsin is no workers' uprising against the rich and powerful. It is instead political muscle-flexing by a well-funded special interest group, which is limbering up for President Obama's re-election bid. Obama's campaign, operating as Organizing for America, is bussing protesters to the state capitol and manning phone banks to apply pressure to state legislatures. Obama himself has called Gov. Scott Walker's bill curbing government-sector collective bargaining "an attack on unions."
I would encourage folks to read the rest and see how he makes his point.  But before you go feeling sorry for the public-sector workers, The Daily Caller ran an article today showing some of these teachers are making a "bit" more than they let on publicly...
For instance:
Wisconsin's 2010 Teacher of the Year, Leah Lechleiter-Luke of Mauston High School, told CNN the budget changes would force her to look for additional part-time work.
"When people say that public sector employees live high off the hog, I'd like to share that for 13 of my 19-year teaching career I have held a part-time job either in the summer or teaching night class at the local technical college," Lechleiter-Luke told CNN. "In addition to tightening the belt even more and crossing our fingers that nothing breaks, I will need to find part-time work again."
Lechleiter-Luke makes $54,928 in base salary and $32,213 in "fringe benefits," which include health insurance, life insurance and retirement pay.
Compare that to the average WI workers pay of $37,398 in 2009, according to the Department of Commerce.
In addition to the salary and benefits, teachers in WI, like most states, are only contracted to work part of the year.
Most teachers start their work year around Aug. 30 and end around June 3, according to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. They also get vacation time during the student breaks, like during Christmas, fall vacation and spring vacation. Year-round, teachers in the state are out of the classroom for about 13 or 14 weeks.
There's a major problem with public-sector unions, one that Tim Carney notes the WSJ points out:
As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, campaign contributions by government-sector unions, collected through mandatory dues, help elect the public officials who are then supposed to negotiate with them: "The unions sit, in effect, on both sides of the bargaining table." [emphasis added]
Finally, remember the Tea Party and other like-minded groups being called extremists for making Hitler/Nazi comparisons?  Hmm, I do... Anyways, Heritage Foundation sent a film crew to separate out the myths and facts of what is being said in WI.  Here's what they found.

Wikileaks T-Shirts

If you are inclined to lend financial support to wikileaks, one avenue that they just opened up is a store primarily selling T-shirts in a variety of designs. Here is the link.


Gerald Celente On Obamas Budget 2/15/2011

Gerald Celente On Obama's Budget 2/15/2011

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Rep. Harman (Calif.) Caught In Illicit Backing for Israeli Spies

Well they are running this story in the UK, the US media sure doesn't want to touch it I wonder why?


A prominent Democratic Congresswoman was embroiled last night in a growing scandal involving government wiretaps and her relationship with two alleged Israeli spies.

Jane Harman, a California Democrat with long involvement in US intelligence matters, was allegedly recorded by a Bush administration wiretap promising an Israeli agent that she would intervene on behalf of two pro-Israel lobbyists charged in the US with spying.

In return for pledging to use her influence to get the charges against the two men reduced, Ms Harman, a pro-Israeli hawk, was allegedly told by the unidentified agent that he would put pressure on senior Democrats to get her appointed to a top Congressional intelligence post.

Allegations that Ms Harman had inappropriately used her influence to aid the two employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful Israeli lobby group, surfaced in 2006. What is new is the claim that she had been caught on a National Security Agency (NSA) wiretap discussing a “quid pro quo” deal on the case.

The alleged wiretap, reported by the political journal Congressional Quarterly, occurred because the NSA had been targeting telephone calls made by the Israeli agent during an investigation of AIPAC. In 2006 it was reported that Ms Harman was the subject of an FBI investigation over her involvement with the hawkish Israeli lobby group.

Congressional Quarterly also claimed that in 2006 Alberto Gonzales, President Bush’s Attorney General, got the investigation against Ms Harman dropped because he wanted her help to defend the Administration’s warrantless wiretapping programme, which was about to exposed by The New York Times.

Indeed, Ms Harman managed to persuade the newspaper not to publish the story. It later did print it, and the congresswoman lambasted the editors for doing so, giving the Bush administration some badly needed political cover for the secret eavesdropping programme. The FBI dropped its investigation of her because of “lack of evidence”.

The Israeli lobbyists, Steven J Rosen and Keith Weissman, were charged in 2005 with conspiring to obtain classified US intelligence and passing it to the Israeli government and Israeli journalists. They are due to go on trial this summer and their case has become a cause celebre among Israeli hawks in the US.

In a statement, Ms Harman denied ever contacting the US Justice Department about the AIPAC lobbyists. She added: “The...story simply recycles three-year-old discredited reporting of largely unsourced material. If there is anything about this story that should arouse concern, it is that the Bush Administration may have been engaged in electronic surveillance of members of Congressional Intelligence committees.”

We Are North Korea

Whenever I hear the topic of North Korea brought up inevitably people express their amazement at how controlled information is there. How citizens there think North Korea is as good as it gets, their space missions, scientific endeavours and military power are unmatched. They are all taught from birth that the have "nothing to envy".

It is amazing to look from the outside in and observe these people, to pity them or to question their intelligence.

If you were to somehow make contact with a North Korean and told him "hey, you know Kim Jong Il didn't really go to space, or invent X Y or Z" you would surely be met with hostility as this Korean would think you are either jealous or a conspiracy theorist. Why? Because from birth their government and the media outlets have spread lies to them, because they know the Truth would cause a mass uprising. If they thought things were so much better just across the border in South Korea people would be leaving in droves.

So many people in America have analysed North Korea, and when you have the facts on your side the whole of Kim Jong Il's claims are so obviously false and silly that you don't even need to pay them serious thought. But how often does anyone in America analyse their leaders claims?

You approach the average person on the street and say "the Federal Reserve was created solely so that jewish bankers can gain control of our government, and the income tax was created simultaneously so that we the people can pay the interest to these bankers for money loaned to OUR government even though for 100+ years prior we created money as needed without usury" or "mossad carried out 9/11 and not jihading muslims" or "the US never went to the moon" you would be met with the EXACT same response as that of the North Korean. Why? Because Americans all think they are informed, hell they watch Glenn Beck, or Anderson "pole smoker" Cooper surely they are selling them the full bill of goods.

What is so obvious and easy to accept about some other country is painful to admit about your own.

Kids here are taught from birth "this is the freest country on earth" "Land of The Free Home Of The Brave" while 200 years ago this was surely true since then it hasn't been true on any account. I know better, from my travels alone I know we are not the freest. Under what circumstance is it considered freedom for the government to steal your income, tax property you have bought, demand money in order for you to drill a well to help feed your family, or add on to your house to provide them shelter? That is freedom? Hell no it's not, nor is this a free country.

It is long past due for all of us to start making accurate assessments about the situation we now find ourselves in as Americans and perpetuating this flat lie that our current system is in any form or fashion "freedom" is nothing but regurgitated propaganda.

As Goethe said "none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free"

It is a said reality we find ourselves in, slaves to the bankers on the land our forefathers founded. The government that's sole purpose is to serve it's people has been hijacked by jewish bankers and their comrades in the biggest businesses, instead of it serving our will we now serve them. Nonetheless this is the reality so face it.

Read, become informed, prepare now for the things that are inevitably coming down the road, wake up your friends and relatives and help them prepare. Spread the Truth everywhere, because right now we are all North Koreans.

ILLEGAL Alien Arrested For Raping Chihuahua

Degenerate scumbag.


On Thursday, Broward County Sheriff's deputies arrested Tomas Bautista, 40, who reportedly came home drunk and sexually assaulted a Chihuahua in his backyard.

The dog, Mimi, belongs to Bautista’s roommate, who reportedly found her bleeding and Bautista passed out with his pants around his ankles.

Bautista admitted to sexually abusing the tiny dog.

Mimi was taken to Coral Springs Animal Hospitalfor treatment and is back home recovering now.

Bautista is charged with cruelty to animals, a felony. He is currently being held in the Broward County Jail on an immigration hold.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

David Horowitz Is Scared Of Ron Paul

What this rat doesn't realize is that he makes the line in the sand so clear. Several years ago when I was still unaware of the exact role jews played in the world, I had to piece things together based on what I knew to be true. For example, I knew that Ron Paul had a great record for limiting the power and scope of the federal government, and that I agreed for the most part with his views, but then he was always attacked by "neo cons" a group who up until that time I wasn't very familiar with.

Over time I began to notice one thing in common about neo cons, that 100% of the time they were either jewish, or intensely loyal to the jewish state. So I began to come to the realization that "these are the bad guys, the ones suppressing the Truth" Then I learned that it was the same evil people who perpetrated Iraq and Afghanistan, who whole heartedly support the military industrial complex etc.

While hit pieces like this certainly have the desired effect, that many Americans will just blindly associate "ron paul" with "crazy, easy on terrorists, kooky, out of touch etc" They also have an unintended consequence, which is that it causes many people to leave their camp. To FINALLY see the Truth and start them on a journey.

One thing I know for sure is that once people wake up and realize they have been deceived since birth, they want one thing. To wake up everyone they know and love.


Ron Paul has made a huge impact on America. After winning two consecutive CPAC straw polls, the corporate media and powers that be are pulling out all the stops in a bid to destroy Ron Paul and his support for ending the Federal Reserve.

Not only did Fox News pull a major hoax live on air, necon and devout Zionist David Horowitz has written a piece that labels Ron Paul and his supporters as Anti Semites.

In the hit piece, “Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him,” Horowitz uses outright lies to label Paul and his “crazed” supporters as anti Jewish.

“For years the Texas crackpot, Ron Paul, has been attacking America and Israel as imperialist powers — the Great Satan and the Little Satan, and calling for America’s retreat from the battle against our totalitarian enemies. At the recent CPAC conference Paul’s Jew-hating storm-troopers swarmed the Freedom Center’s table to vent their spleen against Israel as a Nazi state,” wrote 

Horowitz on the noted neocon website newsrealblog.

Horowitz provides no evidence for his outlandish claims, opting instead for outright lies and half truths. Rather then the freedom orientated Congressman that Ron Paul has always been, he is painted as a Jew hating neo Nazi.

The fact that a high level neocon is attacking Ron Paul shows how far we have come in exposing the global elite and the private Federal Reserves destruction of our economy.

TPTB are working like sixty to lie, cheat, and ignore the movement that Ron Paul has helped create. This is another example of how important the alternative media is in restoring our once great republic. Without the real media, honest Americans would be lead to believe that Ron Paul is a racist scum.

“The U.S. gives billions of dollars a year to foreign countries that hate us and regularly vote against us at the United Nations.  But, Israel votes with the U.S. 97% of the time.  They are a loyal ally that shares our values.”

Israel a loyal ally?

This is a country that has spied on our country more than any country in history.

This is a country that has been involved in multiple false flags that have killed thousands of American citizens. This is the country that sent Mossad agents to New York City to “document” the 9/11 attacks.

Loyal ally? I think not!

We must continue to support Congressman Ron Paul and others like him whether or not we are labeled Anti-Semite.

Presidential Hopefuls Make Pilgrimage To Kikestan

What a sickening display of these spineless cowards kissing the ring of their masters in order to have a chance at sitting in the captains seat. This story is truly revolting.


Though the U.S. presidential primaries are still a year from now, a different sort of contest is underway in Israel.

Beginning Saturday, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour will be the third potential GOP presidential candidate to visit the Jewish state since the first of the year, and the second during the protests in neighboring Egypt. Barbour will arrive on the heels of Mike Huckabee, who spent much of the week touring the country, and Mitt Romney, who swung through in January.

And like Romney and Huckabee, Barbour is expected to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and tour some holy sites. Barbour's trip is being sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, an organization that promotes ties between Israel and GOP politicians, and it should provide him with the same sort of opportunity to bolster his foreign-policy credentials while at the same time courting support from Jewish voters in the United States.

"This visit will give Gov. Barbour the opportunity to learn more about the difficulties facing Israel, about the current thinking of Israel's political, military, and economic leaders, and about the Jewish state's exciting advancements in the development of new technologies," coalition executive director Matt Brooks said in a statement.

During his visit, Huckabee, who has made more than a dozen trips to Israel, has used the crisis in Egypt to demonstrate his solidarity with conservative Christians and Jews alike by supporting the building of Israeli settlements in disputed territory and warning of the dangers of Islamic influence in the region.

The former Arkansas governor suggested that President Obama was overly hasty in withdrawing support for the government of embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. He told Fox News that Israelis to whom he had spoken had expressed "real shock and surprise down to the average on-the-street Israeli citizen at how quickly the Obama administration abandoned a 30-year ally and a longstanding friend to peace and stability, President Mubarak."

Huckabee, a former Southern Baptist pastor, also attended a ceremony marking the dedication of a new Israeli neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which has been claimed by Palestinians. He defended the right of Israel to build settlements there and in the West Bank.

"I cannot imagine, as an American, being told I could not live in certain places in America because I was Christian, or because I was white, or because I spoke English," he said.

Part of Huckabee's trip was sponsored by the Jerusalem Reclamation Project, which promotes establishing settlements on contested land. Huckabee also suggested that a separate Palestinian state should not be established using land Israel has occupied.

"There are vast amounts of territory that are in the hands of Muslims, in the hands of Arabs," Huckabee said.

Netanyahu has enjoyed a complicated relationship with Obama, who notably criticized further settlements in a speech in Cairo in 2009. During his visit, Huckabee, speaking in an interview on Israeli television, called Netanyahu "one of the world's great leaders." The prime minister in return said Huckabee was "a great friend, a great friend."

Huckabee was accompanied on the trip by actor and "tea party" activist Jon Voight. As he met with Netanyahu earlier in the week, Huckabee joked about Voight's role in the classic 1972 fillm "Deliverance."

"When that movie came out, it set camping back 25 years," Huckabee said. "Nobody would go."

The prime minister laughed heartily.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Use This Site

I have been slacking, busy in my personal life means slowdown at the blog. Recently I have been upgrading my main computer and now proudly running Linux instead of Windows. It has been a goal of mine for some time now, and at least for the time being it has become a reality. But I didn't write this post to go on and on about Linux (maybe another time)

I wanted to take some time and remind and encourage people to use this site like I use it.

My reasons for wanting to continue this site have changed over time, but at this point with nearly 1700 posts one of my favorite things about it, is how useful it is to me personally when debating and engaging people in conversation especially online. When you read hundreds of news articles per week it can be overload, I lack the ability to retain 100% of what I read but I certainly can remember headlines and the gist of the articles, little tid bits here and there. So when I find myself engaged in a debate with someone on the topic of say, race the first thing I do, is come here and click on the tag, Blacks Immediately I am armed with 131 posts, which strengthen my argument. This can be said for other topics as well such as Police Brutality (Reckless Cops), or Global Warming.

I just want people to use this site. I can sit here scouring the net for pertinent news, write articles and try to keep myself informed but if people don't ever use this site then much of my energy is wasted. I find past articles here to be timeless and informative, and I hope people will add our past stories to their arsenal as they prepare to debate sheep and those aligned with the enemy. We have the Truth, we just need to spread it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black "Farmers" Demand More Money

tl;dr blacks demanding more money from the taxpayer, apparently the 1.15 billion in pure handouts 2 months ago wasn't enough. I wonder how many blacks you can ship to Liberia for 1.15 billion dollars.

In December, when President Barack Obama signed the “Claims Resolution Act of 2010,” which appropriated $1.15 billion to black farmers who said the U.S. Department of Agriculture had discriminated against them, many thought the matter had been laid to rest.

Dr. John W. Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, has a message for America though: The black farmers need more — especially as they initially sought $2.5 billion.

Boyd appeared at the National Press Club Tuesday to say his fight is far from over.

“We contributed to this country,” Boyd declared. “The black farmers been wronged in this country and if anybody here today is confused about that, I want to shed a little clarity on that.”

Boyd fears that the claims process will result in many farmers who deserve government money being “left out in the cold,” especially as so many have come out alleging fraud on the part of those seeking settlement money. Indeed, USDA employees and FBI officials estimate that the number of fraudulent claims ranges from 50 to 95 percent. Boyd takes issue with those statistics, though.

“So when I read the reports talking about, ‘There are no black farmers’ — people, you confused,” Boyd said. “You know what we were doing in this country in the first place? Every black person in this country is over one or two generations from somebody’s farm … So when I hear of reports about, ‘Where are all these black farmers comin’ from?’ Hell, you brought them here, you brought them here and after we were free you didn’t know what to do with us.”

In sworn testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Boyd estimated the number of America’s black farmers at 18,000. However, more than 94,000 individuals have filed claims.

Despite the high number of claimants Boyd says there is no fraud in the system as the law contains “anti-fraud provisions.”

“It looks like anything that has to do with blacks in this country there is always double and triple standard, I don’t know the reason for that, but that just seems to be the case,” Boyd said. “You hear people talking about all this fraud. We put anti-fraud provisions.”

Black farmers have yet to get their cases heard. According to Boyd each will be presented before an independent arbitrator.

“At the end of the day those who prevail prevail those who are denied will be denied,” he said.

TSA Thugs Arrested For Stealing $160,000 Cash From Bags

Two TSA agents were busted today at Kennedy Airport for stealing $160,000 in cash from bags, authorities said.

Davon Webb, 30, and Couman Perad, (seem like WASP names to me /s) who turned 36 today, were arrested after admitting they had regularly stolen from checked bags, sources said.

In one instance, Perad, who joined the Transportation Security Administration in 2002, and Webb, who has been an agent since 2004, stole $39,000 on Jan. 30 from a bag at Terminal 8, sources said.

The passenger whose money was stolen was on his way to Argentina, sources said.

The $39,000 was later found in their homes after TSA notified Port Authority police, sources said.

Perad and Webb would screen bags looking for loot, then swipe the cash once the luggage was opened in a private screening room, sources said.

The men will be charged with grand larceny, possession of stolen property and official misconduct.

In a statement, TSA said it has "a zero-tolerance policy on theft in the workplace" and called the incidents "a disgrace."

Also today, the TSA confirmed that a string of security lapses took place at Newark Airport within the past month, the Newark Star-Ledger reported.

A knife inside a carry-on made it past a checkpoint and two passengers were allowed to board flights despite issues with their full-body scans, TSA officials told the newspaper.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the two incidents were among a string of five security lapses at Newark within the last 30 days.

Another incident reported by the officials involved a dead dog that was brought to the airport by its owner and loaded onto a Continental Airlines jet without ever being screened.

TSA officials had reportedly ordered that the dog's carcass be screened, but it never happened.

Newark airport averages about one security breach every couple of months, according to the newspaper.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

As a supporter of Dr. Pauls during his 2008 run, I learned not to put to much stock in polls but it certainly is an encouraging result.

Here are the official results:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul - 31 percent
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney -- 22 percent
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin -- 7 percent
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty - 6 percent
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich - 4 percent
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee -- 4 percent
Indiana Rep. Mike Pence - 5 percent
South Dakota Sen. John Thune -- 2 percent
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels -- 2 percent
Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum -- 2 percent
Mississippi Gov. Hailey Barbour - 1 percent
Other - 5 percent
Undecided - 6 percent

Navy Wastes $450,000 Taxpayer Dollars During Superbowl Flyover.....When The Stadium Roof Was Closed

Only the government can waste so much money, hell it's not their money what do they care.


The U.S. Navy has been criticised for spending almost half a million dollars of taxpayers' money on a flyover at the Super Bowl - while the stadium roof was closed.

The estimated $450,000 expense was for four fighter jets that flew from Virginia to Texas and over the retractable roof of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

As it was broadcast on screens at the Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, spectators inside the stadium got the same view as people watching the five-second shot at home.

The $450,000 figure was based on the aircraft’s operational cost, the time it took pilots in the F-18 jets to fly the mission and a backup plane, according to official data.

But the Navy said the only costs of the trip that it recorded were the fuel expenses of $109,000 and the flyover provided good publicity to help military recruitment.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kikestan Economy For Beginners

SOURCE Although I find nothing wrong with this article, the author is a jew and I for one would be on my guard about any of his other writings.

We learn from the press and political analysts that, against all odds and in spite of the global financial turmoil, Israel’s economy is booming. Some even suggest that Israel is one of the strongest economies around.

‘How come?’ you may ask; besides maybe avocado, oranges, and some Dead Sea beauty products, none of us has actually ever seen an Israeli product on the shelves. They don’t make cars; nor do they make electric or electronic appliances, and they hardly manufacture any consumer goods. Israel claims to be advanced in high-tech technologies but somehow, the only Israeli advanced software ever to settle within our computers have been their Sabra Trojan Horses. In the land they grabbed by force from the indigenous Palestinians, they are yet to find any lucrative minerals or oil.

So what is it? How is it that Israel is impervious to the global financial disaster? How can Israel be so rich?

Israel may be rich because, according to the Guardian, “out of the seven oligarchs who controlled 50% of Russia’s economy during the 1990s, six were Jewish.” During the last two decades, many Russian oligarchs have acquired Israeli citizenship. They also secured their dirty money by investing in the kosher financial haven; Wikileaks has revealed lately that “sources in the (Israeli) police estimate that Russian organised crime (Russian Mafia) has laundered as much as US $10 billion through Israeli holdings."[1]

Israel's economy is booming because mega swindlers such as Bernie Madoff have been channeling their money via Zionists and Israeli institutions for decades.[2]

Israel is ‘doing well’ because it is the leading trader in blood diamonds. Far from being surprising, Israel is also the fourth biggest weapon dealer on this planet. Clearly, blood diamonds and guns are proving to be a great match.

As if this is not enough, Israel is also prosperous because, every so often, it is caught engaged in organ trafficking and organ harvesting.

In short, Israel is doing better than other countries because it runs one of the dirtiest- non -ethical economies in the world. In spite of the Zionists' initial promise to bring about a civilised ethical Jew, Israel has, instead, managed to develop an outstanding level of institutional dismissal of international law and universal values. It operates as a safe haven for money made in some horrendous global criminal activities. And it employs one of the world’s strongest army to defend the wealth of just a few of the wealthiest Jews around.

Increasingly, Israel seems to be nothing more than a humongous money laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers, organised crime and blood diamond traders.

Such a realization can certainly explain why Israel is totally impervious to social equality within its borders.

Poor Israelis

Since Israel defines itself as the Jewish state, one may expect the Jewish people to be the first to benefit from their country’s booming economy. This seems to be not at all the case. In spite of the economy's strength, Israel’s record on social justice is appalling. In the Jewish state 18 families control 60% of the equity value of all companies in the land. The Jewish State is shockingly cruel to its poor. As far as the gap between rich and poor is concerned, Israel is listed right at the top of the scale.

The meaning of all of that is pretty devastating; though Israel operates as an ethno-centric racially orientated, tribal setting, it is proving to be totally careless of the members of its own tribe -- In fact, in the Jewish state, a few million Jews are serving the darkest possible interests, the fruits of which, are to be enjoyed by just a very few rich villains.

Smoke Screen

But there is a deeper and far more devastating meaning implicit within it all. If my reading of the Israeli economy is correct, and Israel is indeed a monstrous cash haven for the dirtiest money around, then the Israeli Palestinian conflict is , at least, from the Israeli-elite's perspective , nothing but a smoke screen.

I hope that my readers and friends will forgive me for saying it -- I hope that I will forgive myself for saying it -- But it seems to me that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israel's horrendous crimes against the Palestinian people, actually serves to divert attention away from Israel's complicity in some colossal and global crimes against vast populations around the world. Instead of addressing the above relentless greed-driven attempt to grab wealth on the expense of the rest of humanity, we are all focusing on a single territorial conflict, that actually brings to light just one devastating criminal side of the Jewish national project.

It is more than likely that the vast majority of Israelis also fail to detect the deceitful role of the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The Israelis are indoctrinated to look at every possible issue from a national security perspective. They have failed to realise that along the intensive militarization of their society, their Jewish state has become a money laundering haven and a refuge for villains from all over the world.

But here is some bad news for Israel and its corrupted elite. It is just a question of time before the Russians, Americans, Africans, Europeans, all of humanity, begin to grasp it all -- We are all Palestinians and we all share one enemy.

I would even take it further, and argue that it is possible that, not before too long -- some deprived Jews and Israelis will also begin to realise how deceptive and sinister Israel and Zionism truly are.

[1] For more information about global organized crime connections with Likud or other major Israeli political parties. Please follow this link

[2] Also, it is rumoured that, prior to its collapse, Lehman Brothers transferred 400 billion dollars to Israeli banks. I am not in a position to substantiate any of these theories -- but I would strongly suggest that it is of some urgency to find out how truthful these accusations are.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Census Estimates Show Big Gains for US Minorities

U.S. racial minorities accounted for roughly 85 percent of the nation’s population growth over the last decade—one of the largest shares ever—with Hispanics accounting for much of the gain in many of the states picking up new House seats.

Preliminary census estimates also suggest the number of multiracial Americans jumped roughly 20 percent since 2000, to over 5 million.

{snip} New Jersey, Mississippi, Virginia and Louisiana are the first to receive the census redistricting data, which will be used in the often contentious process of redrawing political districts based on population and racial makeup.

“There are going to be a lot of additional Hispanic officials elected when redistricting is done,” said E. Mark Braden, a former chief counsel to the Republican National Committee who now advises state governments on redistricting. “But folks in power don’t give up control that easily—there will be tension between the ins and outs.”


Four of the eight states gaining House seats owe roughly half or more of their population gains over the last decade to Hispanics. They include Texas, which picks up four seats; Florida, which will add two seats; and Arizona and Nevada, picking up one seat apiece.

In Georgia and Washington state, which also gain one seat each, Hispanics combined with other minority groups accounted for a majority of their growth since 2000.

Among states losing House seats, Louisiana and New Jersey each would have posted a net population loss, and Michigan would have sustained bigger declines, if it hadn’t been for Hispanic growth. Latinos also made up roughly 60 percent or more of the growth in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Massachusetts—which each lose a seat—raising questions as to whether remaining districts in those states will need to accommodate emerging Hispanic voting blocs.

Broken down by voting age, minorities accounted for roughly 70 percent of U.S. growth in the 18-and-older population since 2000, and Hispanics made up about 40 percent. Hispanics also represented more than half the growth share of the voting-age population in Texas and California.


Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, which successfully challenged the redrawing of a majority Hispanic Texas district that weakened the Latino vote after the 2000 census, said his group was expecting to see “a minimum of nine additional Latino-majority House seats” based on 2010 results, if states comply with federal law.


Jeffrey M. Wice, a Democratic redistricting attorney, said states also will have to decide whether to consider citizenship when drawing political lines. Many lower federal courts have ruled that citizenship data should be used if available to determine whether a minority voting bloc has been unduly weakened—an issue that could mix already intense redistricting fights with contentious immigration politics.


“This is a new area, and the Supreme Court has largely been silent on the issue,” Wice said. “In some places, the use of citizenship data may dilute the ability of Hispanic communities to be fairly redistricted. Republicans may attempt to base redistricting on citizenship data in New Jersey, so that is one state to keep an eye on.”

The preliminary demographic numbers are based on the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey as of March 2010, as well as comparisons of the 2000 census with 2009 demographic estimates and the 2009 American Community Survey, which samples 3 million U.S. households. According to those figures, minorities represented between 81 percent and 89 percent of the U.S. population growth since 2000, higher than the official 80 percent share in 2000.

The minority growth share in 2010 is the largest in recent memory, with only the influx of European minority immigrants such as Italians, Poles and Jews in the late 1800s possibly rivaling it in scope, said William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings Institution who analyzed the census data.

Other findings:

—In all, non-Hispanic whites make up roughly 65 percent of the U.S. population, down from 69 percent in 2000. Hispanics had a 16 percent share, compared with 13 percent a decade ago. Blacks represent about 12 percent and Asians roughly 5 percent. Multiracial Americans and other groups made up the remaining 2 percent.

—California, Texas, New York and Hawaii were among the states with the largest number of people who identified themselves as multiracial.

—Some 40 states show population losses of white children since 2000 due to declining birth rates. Minorities represented all of the increases in the under-18 population in Texas and Florida, and most of the gains in the child population in Nevada and Arizona.

“The new engines of growth in America’s population are Hispanics, Asians and other minorities,” Frey said. {snip}

12 Facts Which Show That We Are in the Midst of the Worst Housing Collapse in U.S. History


#1 Approximately 11 percent of all homes in the United States are currently standing empty.

#2 The rate of home ownership in the United States has dropped like a rock. At this point it has fallen all the way back to 1998 levels.

#3 According to the S&P/Case-Shiller index, U.S. home prices fell 1.3 percent in October and another 1 percent in November. In fact, November represented the fourth monthly decline in a row for U.S. housing prices. Many economists are now openly using the term "double-dip" to describe what is happening to the housing market.

#4 The number of homes that were actually repossessed reached the 1 million mark for the first time ever during 2010.

#5 According to RealtyTrac, a total of 3 million homes were repossessed by mortgage lenders between January 2007 and August 2010. This represents a huge amount of additional inventory that somehow must be sold.

#6 72 percent of the major metropolitan areas in the United States had more foreclosures in 2010 than they did in 2009.

#7 According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, at least 8 million Americans are at least one month behind on their mortgage payments.

#8 It is estimated that there are about 5 million homeowners in the United States that are at least two months behind on their mortgages, and it is being projected that over a million American families will be booted out of their homes this year alone.

#9 Deutsche Bank is projecting that 48 percent of all U.S. mortgages could have negative equity by the end of 2011.

#10 Some formerly great industrial cities are rapidly turning into ghost towns. For example, in Dayton, Ohio today 18.9 percent of all houses are now standing empty. 21.5 percent of all houses in New Orleans, Louisiana are standing vacant.

#11 According to Zillow, U.S. home prices have already fallen further during this economic downturn (26 percent) than they did during the Great Depression (25.9 percent).

#12 There are very few signs that the employment situation in the United States is going to improve any time soon. 4.2 million Americans have been unemployed for one year or longer at this point. While there has been some nominal improvement in the government unemployment numbers recently, other organizations are reporting that things are getting even worse. According to Gallup, the unemployment rate actually rose to 9.6% at the end of December. This was a significant increase from 9.3% in mid-December and 8.8% at the end of November.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Dangers Of Race Mixing


Based on a 96 page report on the causes of premature death by the CDC, the leading cause of death among young blacks of both sexes are black men. See report.


According to the CDC, black men are ten times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV or AIDS than white men. Among black men who allege that they have never engaged in a homosexual act, the figure rises to about 15 times the rate that heterosexual white men are diagnosed. Studies by the CDC also conclude that black men are more likely to have HIV or AIDS and go undiagnosed than white men.

All of this translates to black women being diagnosed with HIV or AIDS at a rate of over 20 times that of white women. The general trend is for black men to catch HIV/AIDS from each other in prison and then give it to black women when they are released. The CDC believes that 74% of black women who have HIV/AIDS contracted it through heterosexual contact with a man.

A 2004 report by the CDC says that AIDS is the:

* the leading cause of death for black women aged 25–34 years.
* the 3rd leading cause of death for black women aged 35–44 years.
* the 4th leading cause of death for black women aged 45–54 years.

By way of comparison, AIDS was only the 11th leading cause of death for white women aged 25-34!


The same CDC reports say that homicide is the:

* the leading cause of death among black men aged 15-34 years. (Three age categories!)

* the second leading cause of death for black women aged 15-24 years.
* the fifth leading cause of death for black women aged 25-34 years.

Among women aged 15-24, homicide accounts for 5% of premature deaths in white females, but 20% of all premature deaths by black females.

Among both black and white men, homicide deaths peak at aged 25-34. The death rate by homicide among white men in this age group is 12.5 per 100k, and accounts for 10% of all premature deaths. The death rate by homicide among blacks in this age group is 101.8 per 100k, and accounts for 48% of all premature deaths.

The majority of black female homicide victims are killed by a current or former boyfriend, which many refer to as “femicide.” About 93% of all black homicide victims are killed by a black perpetrator overall. 85% of white homicide victims are killed by a white perpetrator.

“The National Black Women’s Health Project” has identified the battering of women as the number one health issue for African American women (Joseph, 1997).

Femicide is a leading cause of premature deaths in African American women aged 15-44. (Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol 7, No. 1)

In 1998, Salber and Taliaferro reported that the spousal homicide rate among African Americans is 8.4 times more than for whites. The incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 times higher in interracial marriages compared to intraracial marriages. (Source

Relationships with black men dramatically increase a woman’s chances of dying young.

Black females aged 15-19 are 3.9 times more likely to die of homicide or AIDS than white females in the same age group. This increases to 4.4 time for females aged 20-24 and 7.3 times for 25-34.

White women who engage in relationships with black men dramatically increase their chances of premature death or long term health problems from murder, beatings, and STDs.

Savage Gets Caught Raping Show Hogs

GREENWOOD - Authorities said a man who was caught having sex with show hogs will have his case presented to the Leflore County Grand Jury next month. Andrew Lee Nash, 52, was arrested on Dec. 3, 2010 after police set up surveillance cameras in the owner's stalls near U.S. Highway 82 and the Yazoo River.

Greenwood Police Chief Henry Purnell said the hogs were examined by a local veterinarian, during a routine examination, and the owner was told that four of the hogs had a vaginal infection.

"The owner of the animals knew someone was messing with his animals," said Chief Investigator Huntley Nevels. "And the veterinarian confirmed the sexual assault. So, the owner contacted police and the officers staked it out and caught him out there."

Nash, who lives in the 700 block of Mississippi Avenue, was arrested at the scene and charged with 12 counts of unnatural intercourse.

Nash's bond was initially set at $600,000, but later reduced to $60,000.

Nash remains in custody at the Leflore County jail.

Greenwood authorities said Nash's case is scheduled to be presented before the Leflore County Grand Jury next month. If Nash is indicted and found guilty, he faces up to 120 years in jail.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bob Chapman On China 2/2/2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao has come and gone. During that visit we saw no discussion concerning human rights, as demonstrations and riots continue in China, nor was there any discussion of trade and business practices. How can presidents not discuss economic and financial developments and policies when China is the largest world exporter? We are sure they were discussed, but behind closed doors. It was as if everything was scripted and the media colluded completely. It is important to remember China has a predatory communist government. Their economic and monetary policies are similar to the Keynesian philosophy practiced in the US, a corporatist fascist program. As a result of the use of what can be considered forced slave labor and currency manipulation they control a good part of world trade, particularly with the US. As a result China has a $2.85 trillion foreign exchange surplus and holds about $900 billion in US dollar reserves. In fact, as a result, China has some of the very same bubble problems that America has. China is booming and the rest of the world is not. That is due to investment deals with mainly US transnational conglomerates. Free trade and globalization fit these partners just fine, but none of this is supposedly discussed, nor is the loss of 8.5 million jobs over 11 years, as well as the loss of 42,400 businesses. Thus it will be safely tax-free in offshore tax-free locations. The unleveled playing field continues as China makes sure it currency is undervalued by 35%. For years that has kept US inflation down and has allowed China to purchase vast amounts of US dollar denominated bonds. Now instead of using those funds to buy those assets they are getting rid of those assets by spending them back into the world economy. In addition the Chinese demand control of every business deal, plus they demand access to all the technology involved, which these transnationals are happy to comply with. They also employ predatory pricing in almost everything they sell. This erodes the industrial base of other countries such as the US and Europe. You have already seen the decimation of American industry and it is going to get considerably worse. As this proceeds China builds up its war machine, far beyond what is normally necessary. China is not using the buildup of its military development to be used peacefully. America’s elitists obviously either want a military confrontation eventually, or an excuse not to have war and have all nations joined together militarily under One World government. As this transpires the US government and the controlled compliant media keep the US public in the dark as to what is really going on.

China with $2.85 trillion in foreign exchange reserves has by far the largest such reserves in the world. We expect China will continue to use US dollar profits, as well as US Treasury holdings to buy a variety of things worldwide as well as influence, as we have just seen with their lending to sick European countries. Eventually they will work off the majority of US dollar investments. The reply will be, as pointed out just a week ago, that the US dollar isn’t worth the paper it is written on. In time the Chinese will de-peg from the dollar and make their currency even cheaper. It has already stopped using the dollar in trade with Russia. Next it will be with many more nations forcing world trade to use the yuan and not the dollar. They believe that will eventually lead to the supremacy of the yuan, which will be accompanied by gold backing. Under those circumstances the dollar will in fact become a second rate currency and its eventual destruction will be guaranteed. That is why converting all dollar assets into gold and silver shares and coins is so important. What the communist nations could not do militarily they are now doing financially. The only answer to this policy is tariffs on goods and services, not only for China, but also for all nations, which have been doing the same thing to a lesser degree.

Official Chinese inflation is 5.1%; some economists believe it is more than 10%. Our reports have it over 30%. Just leave Guangdong and shop in Hong Kong and you will see the difference. We published a letter this past week written by a Chinese woman that had just returned from China. It explained the extremely high inflation and the inability of the average Chinese to feed themselves properly. Due to government spies everywhere the terrible situation is never discussed in public, only among family and behind closed doors. If you are heard discussing such real issues you are sent to a retaining camp to learn the error of your ways. That can last as long as 15 years. China is still a totalitarian state.

In an effort to suppress unemployment whole cities have been created with no one living in them. Although not official you are limited to one child in order to suppress population growth. These are the people American elitists have opened our society to via transnational conglomerates. This we are afraid has been deliberately done to pursue a path to World Government.

Over the past 2-1/2 years china used a page from Keynesian economics and poured $2.5 trillion into the domestic economy to avoid its collapse just as the US and so many other countries did. Thus, china is faced with the same monetary and financial problems that the US and so many others face. This means China will face the same economic collapse as other nations. Even the increasing of banking reserves and higher interest rates has been ineffectual. This should not go unnoticed at the Fed. The only eventual outcome can be collapse. The remedy of higher rates and bank reserves won’t work this time. Western nations are dependent on the largess of the Fed, perhaps in time China will as well. How long can the Chinese central bank and the Fed keep up the charade? We don’t know and neither does anyone else. All we are sure of is eventual collapse of the entire world financial system. At that time the elitists expect to implement world government. We have news for them. There are too many people who know what they are up to and it is not going to work. Obama and Hu are front men who do exactly what they are told; everything is totally scripted.

The US and states within the US do not realize that the design is to get America dependent on other nations. That reduces the US’s ability to maneuver in relation to other nations. While America descends into austerity the Fed is not only propping up the US economy, but that of Europe as well. China is doing the same thing domestically. All such efforts are doomed to failure and the players know that. This is not stupidity and incompetence. This is the way that the game is to be played out. China knows they are an integral part of this policy.