Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rest In Peace Bob Chapman

I enjoy reading about economics, finance and investing because it really encompasses many facets of what drives the world.  So I listen to and read hours of content per day.  Many different websites, podcasts, authors and commentators. 

The podcast I have listened to the longest is Gold Seek Radio, which is where I became aware of Bob Chapman.  For 5+ years now I have listened to him every week, it is a staple of my weekend routine.  I have told people for years now that Bob Chapman is my favorite commentator of all.  He is very well informed, but there are others who are informed.  He is eloquent, but there are other people who speak well. What sets him in a league of his own to me is two fold.  First, he would talk about subjects which most other people in his field wouldn't such as Edgar Steele, you have to care about the Truth a good deal to even remotely stand up for someone as demonized as Edgar Steele.  Second, even though Bob saw the big picture, and understood the magnitude of the problems we face on so many levels he remained positive and upbeat.  That is a lesson I need, and one I can hopefully continue to learn.

So I had a heavy heart when I learned today that Bob Chapman, the International Forecaster had died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 76.

It is amazing how much you can care for someone you have never met. I learned a great deal from Bob over the years, about the markets, about economics, and about life. He was a good man, I am really going to miss him every week....big time.

Rest In Peace Mr. Chapman