Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rand Paul Has Crossed Lines You Do Not Come Back From

By now I'm sure everyone has heard that Rand Paul has officially endorsed Romney for President.  This seemed to come as a great surprise to many people, who have expressed outrage on his facebook page.

Sadly it didn't come as a surprise to me someone who has called out Rand Paul for several years now in posts such as "Rand Paul IS A Zionist Neo Con", Neo Con Rand Paul Takes The Bailout Money Rand Paul Officially Kisses The Neo Con Ring".  I was fully on board with Rand at the beginning, donating to his campaign and giving him all of the press that I could here.  So I wanted to like Rand, but looking at the whole picture I just haven't been able to for some time.  Summing it up in March of 2011 "In my opinion Rand hasn't really been put through the test, for example opposing a Republican leader, even a popular republican leader like his father has. Time will tell and I hope Rand will stand by the Constitution."

Now in 2012 after this endorsement

I now not only consider Rand to be an opportunist riding his fathers coattails into office, but an enemy of freedom, the Constitution and the American people.

Rand with this interview has made it known who he ultimately sides with in the battle, he has left the millions of people who have worked tirelessly to spread the message of freedom and put his father into office and jumped on board the freight train which is the establishment. The establishment which claims to own you, who steals your money and forces you to bend to its will and will kill you if you sufficiently resist.

This is no small matter, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are polar opposites, in this interview with one of the biggest neo con cheerleaders on the planet, Rand tries to draw comparisons of Ron and Mitt about family size which is an absurd thing to tell people your alliance is based on. The fact is that Ron and Mitt are so far apart on the political spectrum that Rand is forced to draw non political similarities because political ones don't exist. Mitt Romney is a liar or the kinder, gentler, seemingly more palatable term "flip flopper". He is for foreign wars, sanctions, taxation, abortion, government mandated "healthcare", social security, fiat money, central banking, medicare medicaid and every other government program you could imagine, Ron Paul is for none of these things.

So Sir Rand The Spineless, just stays on the GOP bandwagon and says "well even though millions of people support my Dad because they want to be free and have donated tens of millions of dollars and countless hours, possibly lost friendships or jobs over debates, I will do what is best for me myself and I and go along to get along"

Many people outside of the RP movement don't seem to understand why people support him. After this interview I'm wondering if Rand even understands. It isn't that his Dad just says things we agree with, he has a solid 30 year track record of backing them up and that is the key. Ron Paul has been the single "No" vote in a Congress of 535 more times than everyone else combined, meanwhile most people can't stand up in a group of 10 at a dinner party for what they believe in. Imagine the courage it took for Ron to stand by the Constitution and dutifully carry out the orders passed down by our Founders, when all of his colleagues went the other way, when the newspapers, radio stations and TV shows either ignored him or mocked him.

Imagine what Ron Paul could've done for Ron Paul if he had played ball for 30 years, surely he would've been Speaker of the House at least, made hundreds of millions like the other corrupt congressman and could've bought and island in the Caribbean for his family to live on when the inevitable S will hit the F. But he didn't do that, he left behind untold power and money, fame and prestige for you, for me, and for this country. That is why I support him, because he has character, he kept his head down, did what was right and just let the chips fall where they may. I am very happy for him that he has been vindicated in his lifetime, that he has seen the fruits of his decades of labor. We cannot be discouraged by Rand, the handwriting has been on the wall there for several years now.

We must move on, forget Rand and understand that just because your legal last name is Paul it doesn't make you great. Just because you say good things, it is the doing that counts.

We must continue to do what we have all been doing, speaking up, donating to good causes our money and our time, researching for ourselves and becoming informed. This endorsement doesn't change anything, in fact I would rather get Rand out of peoples minds at this stage than have him in the White House in 2016 and then find out this apple fell way to far from the tree.