Saturday, April 28, 2012

Win Or Bitch?

Which would you rather do? Win the nomination for Ron Paul and strike a blow to the marxists, or just sit back, give up and continue to bitch and moan about the loss of our country? I know a lot of people who are kind of once bitten twice shy about how this primary cycle has turned out. But the Truth is, NOTHING like this happened in 2008. Ron Paul's crowds are off the charts now, he raised more money in Q1 of 2012 than almost Newt and Sweatervest combined, but most importantly he is getting delegates.

We learned from 2008, and we all stayed organized and stayed in the fight. We continued to tell everyone we knew about Ron Paul and the message he has brought for decades. I bought his books and distributed them to anyone who was willing to take them, at every conversation I tried to at least slip something in about Ron Paul and I know you all did the same. And this work is now yielding fruits not only in the form of delegates but hundreds of thousands of informed people, truly informed.

Stories come out regularly about the MSM losing viewership by the day, whereas the alternative media is growing exponentially. As Tom Woods said, "we are the toothpaste that won't go back in the tube". Once you know about Ron Paul, and his message you don't think "well maybe I'll vote for Romney if it comes down to it", you think "Romney = Obama and I hate both the goldman sachs backed bastards"

Ron Paul has gotten anywhere from 2-500% more votes this time than in 2008, why? It sure wasn't the MSM talking him up, parading him around the airwaves. They do EVERYTHING they can to slander him, block him, demean him etc. No, Ron Paul got these votes because of us, because I told people, and you told people, and they told people and it snowballed. This snowball isn't going to stop, not until it tears a new one in this marxists babylonian system of enslavement we have.

So do not believe the lie, that Ron Paul "doesn't have a chance", we are seeing this through to Tampa. If you can donate, do it. If you can't, help in other ways, tell EVERYONE you meet, pass out flyers, spam craigslist, youtube and any other popular site, read up on his material so that you can answer peoples questions, volunteer for the campaign and anything else you can dream up but by God do something, do not sit and bitch and moan, fight to win.