Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Super Tuesday Revelation

As I write this the results are coming in from North Dakota and Idaho, two states which Ron Paul had hoped to win. It looks like he will take 2nd in both. So I sit here and my initial reaction is to be depressed. My other natural reaction is anger "damn there are a lot of retards in this country". When I survey the political landscape of America I often conclude that opinions are so extremely diverse now that I don't even see how we can continue to function as a single entity. Even taking politics out of the equation, racially we are so diverse that we cannot pull together for common goals because we have little in common. But politically I see so many people who support the three other republicans and I'm always so astounded. How ignorant these people are, it boggles the mind honestly. I cannot fathom how someone can have the facts laid out for them and still not support Ron Paul. But therein lies the rub, I assume that the facts have been laid out. I assume this because routinely in my personal life and various corners of the internet I, like many of you, lay out facts for people. And time after time these people use the most asinine arguments and you can just see their brain disengage and run in auto pilot. But what I have to realize is that while I may lay out facts this is the only time that these people see them. It hits them like cold water and they don't like it because it is so radically different than everything they have ever been told. What I tell them is the opposite of what every newspaper, radio show, TV show and government official tells them. Everywhere they turn they are told one thing, and it appears to be unanimous, and they are conditioned to believe that anyone who deviates from this norm is a nutcase. So even though I have the Truth, I appear to be the nutcase because the message I am bringing them is so different. But what I realize, perhaps for the first time, or perhaps with this much clarity for the first time just why, and how big this obstacle we face is. The enemy is not the Santorum, Gingrich, or Romney supporter, even though my gut instinct is to throttle these people. They are ultimately just doing what they have been told to do since birth. The enemy is the ones who have lied to our countrymen, who have so deluded them that they cannot fathom the Truth we tell them to be real. So we must continue the struggle to free our peoples minds from the grip of the media and education because they are like a sewer hose pumping our peoples brains full of crap. Until this is broken, until they do not have dominance over the flow of information, no peaceful revolution can ever happen. I'm sure we all know otherwise good people who do not understand Ron Pauls message, and they would be on board if they were not so misguided. If the media gave Ron Paul a fair shake, didn't black him out, slander him, lie about him, and mock him and presented factual news all day everyday then Ron Paul would have won every state. It wouldn't even be a contest. So blame the controlled media, direct your anger and your energy there, not to your countrymen. I write this to you the reader, as much as I write it to me.