Sunday, February 19, 2012

Help Spread The Word

Over 2 years ago I asked if you would take time to Help Spread The Word In that time this website has grown immensely. We now sit with over 200,000 visits, and see close to 1000 new visitors per day. I am very encouraged by this and again I want to ask for your help in continuing to spread stories and videos like these around the net. Starting a website from scratch and gaining any sort of readership is a slow slow task, but a very rewarding one.

I have never been busier in my personal life, and I have never been more dedicated to this blog.  The bigger it gets the harder I want to work at it. I am posting more than ever before, but I do not have the time to promote and that is where I need help.

So if you have the time (only a few minutes) these actions you can take do help, and they don't just help me, this is an excellent way to spread any kind of videos or articles that you want.

If you enjoy this website, please help me spread the word.

Here Are The Directions